2019 Bond All-Ability Park Projects

Today city leaders, community leaders, and staff official gathered to celebrate the completion on new all-ability playground park equipment at two local parks—Landa Park and Morningside Park check out the cool stuff—we love our parks!!

Parks and play can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to nature. While most of us have fond associations with parks and playgrounds, many children with disabilities feel that playgrounds are places of exclusion, where they only get to sit on the sidelines and watch their friends having fun. But New Braunfels is changing that sentiment and making more of our parks inclusive. Thanks to the 2019 Bond approval of $500,000 for the installation of all-ability enhancements two parks got some extra special new play features!

Landa Park now includes a Symphony Trail with beautiful sculptural instruments, selfie swings, and a merry-go-whirl. The restrooms at Landa Park will also include 2 new adult changing tables.

Morningside Park received a new fully ADA accessible playground, side-by-side zipline, swings, and a nature play space.

For kids with high sensory needs, a playground with lots of kids running around can be overwhelming. Offering play in a quieter set-aside space still provides play and exploration but in a calmer surroundings. At Morningside Park the walking path was activated with a nature play pod offering a cozy spot for independent play, climbing, and explorations. A new shaded seated area with an ADA table was also added.

All-ability parks are meant to bring friends of all ages and abilities together to play. The side-by-side zipline gives kids a chance to play together regardless of their ability!!! So much fun!

The addition of the adult changing tables in the restrooms gives parents and families the ability to play longer and have a dignified place to take care of their family members with special needs. As children with special needs grow they begin to exceed the weight and length of a baby changing table. These adult-sized tables now accommodate a weight of up to 400 lbs. and fold away to provide space when not in use.