Market Plaza Upgrades

Market Plaza is Awesome! A small park just step away from Downtown, walk your dog.

Market Plaza was founded in 1845 by settlers of New Braunfels. In the early 1800’s settlers used the plaza for tent shows to buy, sell, trade and display produce and products. The plaza features several trees and two benches.

The New Braunfels Parks Foundation has identified Market Plaza as the recipient of funds from Wein & Saengerfest for park improvements. Market Plaza is a 0.7 acre park located at 292 Tolle Street in Downtown New Braunfels. The park currently features benches, a drinking fountain and landscape bed. The New Braunfels Parks Foundation funded the installation of irrigation at Market Plaza in early 2014, using proceeds from the 2013 Wein and Saengerfest.  

To create a Master Plan for the park the Parks and Recreation Department sought input from stakeholders including the Downtown Association, Historic Landmark Commission, Downtown Board and neighborhood residents through a series of public meetings and an online survey. The Parks and Recreation Department compiled the input and put together a Master Plan that reflects a majority of desires from the neighborhood and stakeholder meetings. The Master Plan was approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in July 2015.

To view the approved Market Plaza Master Plan click here.